Friday, July 14, 2006

Moving to Colorado

I've been busy doing stuff to get ready to move this last week, in addition to spending some time with friends (who think they're being helpful by taking me out and plying me with beer). As a consequence, I haven't been updating this blog.

I've accepted a position as a post-doc at the University of Colorado at the Health Sciences Center located just outside of Denver. I'll be working in the lab of David Pollock, doing experiments on protein structure and function, as I did during my grad school days, but this time I'll be testing hypotheses derived from evolutionary biocomputational methods. It's pretty much right up my ally.

Right now I'm going through closets that have accumulated years of junk, some of it actually mine, and choosing what to keep and what to cart off to Goodwill. I've dumped three car loads of stuff off at their collection center recently, and I'm doing another one today. If you purchase anything from a Charleston area Goodwill store in the next few months, there's a good chance that it once belonged to me.

Next week I will be visiting my parents who have a high speed connection, so hopefully I'll get to do some more blogging.