Friday, February 02, 2007

Bauer Responsible for Plane Crash

I'd almost forgotten about SC Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and the difficulties he has with moving vehicles. First he gets caught speeding multiple times and worms his way out of it by playing the VIP card. Then he crashes his airplane upon take-off and tries to get out of it by playing the God card.

Now the NTSB has ruled that Bauer was at fault for the plane crash. He apparently didn't have enough speed to take-off properly. Why didn't he have enough speed?

Walters, who reviewed the NTSB report at the request of The State, said he believes the plane might have been slowed on the grass and dirt runway because its parking brake was either partially or fully engaged.

He forgot to disengage the parking brake.

Note to self: Do not get into car with Andre Bauer. Do not get into plane with Andre Bauer. And when possible, do not be in the same state as Andre Bauer.