Monday, March 05, 2007

The Return of the Hammer

No, not MC Hammer. I'm talking about someone who's even more clownish and pathetic. Before he left Congress in disgrace, Tom DeLay earned himself the nickname "The Hammer" because he was such an asshole. It appears now that he's trying to stage a comeback of sorts:

No Retreat, and a Plan to Get Even

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is joining the activist world with a plan to return conservatives to dominance. DeLay calls his new group the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, and it has one mission: recruiting and electing conservatives in all 50 states. He plans to begin building it during an April book tour to promote No Retreat, No Surrender, his blueprint for victory. Ironically, DeLay was inspired by Democrats who followed their loss to President Bush in 2000 with what he calls a liberal shadow party that ousted the gop last year and is aimed at installing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House.

DeLay is pimping his new book titled, No Retreat, No Surrender, a subject he's very familiar with since he resigned from Congress and then stupidly remained on the ballot which allowed the Democrats to take his seat.

I'd say his chances of a successful comeback are roughly the same as those of Vanilla Ice. Then again, this is Republican Party we're talking about.