Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Animal Blogging

So I open my door the other morning, and what do I see?

Whatever it is, it's sitting in the exact same spot that my glass lizard was sitting in. What is it with that spot anyway? Are there some magical reptile-attracting pheromones there or something?

This is apparently a specimen of lined skink from the genus Eumeces. It is most likely a female Broadhead Skink, Eumeces laticpes. If so, it's too bad that it wasn't a male or a juvenile, as they have far more interesting coloring. Still, she's a beaut.

As with my glass lizard, this little gal was trapped in my entryway, so I helped her out. Being shy and unwilling to perform for the camera, she dove into the grass and just kind of blended away.