Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Hate Snow

It is snowing, hard. We are supposed to get up to 5 inches. We still have piles of the shit everywhere, much of it still left from the December blizzards. Every time it gets warm enough to melt some of it off, it soon gets below freezing and stays there. Then we get more snow. I hate snow.

I have been told by people who have lived here for 15 years that new snow never falls on old. It's usually very dry in the winter, so there's no more than an inch or two here and there, and it always melts off before the next snowfall appears. Not this year. I hate snow.

What's truly frightening is that March and April are supposed to be the snowiest months of the year. If true, we're really in for it. The only consolation is that by then, hopefully, temperatures will be warm enough to melt the old stuff off before new snow accumulates.

I hate snow.

Update: It stopped snowing and the sun is out in full force. I take it all back.

Update again: We're supposed to get 5 inches Thursday night, and Friday's highs will be 5 degrees. I hate snow.

Update yet again: We didn't get the projected 5 inches, although it is quite cold. We didn't get much of anything, just a light dusting yesterday. I take it all back again.