Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Animal Blogging: "We Remember" Edition.

Here is Fluffy with my late iguana, Death Machine. And no, I didn't pose them like this. They used to do this cross-species kinky stuff all on their own.

Below is a picture of Fluffy, Death Machine, and my Mom's cat, Jackson. Jackson was actually the neighbor's cat who decided to live with my parents for reasons known only to him. He just went in through the cat door one day and began living there full-time. Anyway, Fluffy didn't care much for Jackson, and Death Machine is pretty well oblivious to mammals too small to threaten him. But Jackson was awfully curious about these new animals.

Jackson's lackadaisical attitude towards mortal danger can be seen below. A more aggressive iguana would have rendered the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" a literal one. But Jackson survived this encounter. Sadly, he died a few weeks ago from feline leukemia.

Death Machine is no longer with me either. A little less than two years ago, he walked right out of my house and never came back. He had done that the previous summer and after a 5 month hiatus, I recaptured him. Sadly, that didn't happen the second time around, and I imagine that the winter did him in. (Though there's a small probability that someone found him and gave him a good home.) So here's one last tribute to two great animals who are no longer with us.