Sunday, March 12, 2006

Iacovelli Gone

Gervais has the scoop that Educational Oversight Committee member Karen Iacovelli (the one who opposes the very concept of public schools yet sits on a committee charged with improving them -- see here and here for background) has had her name and picture mysteriously disappear from the EOC website. And now it appears that her bio is gone too. As a couple of commenters note, she has apparently resigned for "health reasons" and/or been canned by Governor Sanford.

This is kind of weird. I wonder if the revelations of her anti-public school creed encouraged Sanford to pull the plug. Really though, I didn't think this was common knowledge outside the blogosphere. Gervais publicized it and I put in on the Panda's Thumb, but that wouldn't have reached more than a relatively small number (hundreds?) of South Carolinians. Maybe a newspaper reporter picked up on it and asked Sanford. Or maybe she has some other dark secret that makes her anti-public school stance look perfectly innocent. Enquiring minds want to know...

I'm fairly sure that Sanford didn't fire her (if that is indeed what happened) based on her support for adding pro-ID changes to the state science curriculum, given Sanford's own ridiculous mosquitoes in a mudhole interview in which he expressed support for this policy. Barring an unlikely about face by one or the other, her views on that subject were pretty well in line with Sanford's. And for that reason, I don't expect her replacement, whoever it ends up being, will be much better.