Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sick and Twisted, Part Deux

It would appear that the lowlife who made it his mission to out one of Rep. Mark Foley's victims is now crying about someone doing to him what he did to that kid:

I turned the comment off because someone is trying to bring one of my children into this. My son is a MINOR unlike [name removed -- SR]. I have been on several radio shows this morning, including Glenn Beck. If you would like to help me you can please click the Make a Donation button on the right side bar. The hate mail has been pouring in and a lot of threats have been made. I can take the heat, but my family is very nervous.

Gee asshole, did it occur to you that the person you outed for no good reason is suffering as well? I don't condone making threats or whatnot, but it just amazes me that this guy is so morally retarded that not only does he not realize that what he did was wrong, he doesn't even see the connection between what some jerk is doing to him and what he's doing to an innocent victim.

And if you really want to see some people who live in a total fantasy world, try checking out the trackbacks to his outing post. (I can't link to the trackbacks page directly and I'm not linking to the outing post, so if you're a glutton for punishment, go there and find them yourself.) I swear, I'm not making this stuff up:

Foley Setup? - Part V - Uncovering the Conspiracy

****THIS IS A MAJOR STORY NOW, BUT NOT FOR THE REASONS SOME DESIGNED IT *****Did ABC NEWS'’s Brian Ross commit a fraud? Who else is involved? *******Scroll to the bottom for updates as they happen****************

I don'’t think I'’ve ever seen a political conspiracy unravel as fast as this one that involves former representative Mark Foley.

Yes, you see there's a conspiracy out to get Foley. The Democrats turned him into a predator of boys in order to embarrass the Republicans, then set-up a number of Republican pages to get IMs and emails from Foley, and then forced Denny Hastert and a number of other prominent Republicans to ignore the warning signs for years. Then they got Republicans who were upset about the issue to go to ABC News with the story. Isn't it just obvious that the Dems are behind it all? It's unraveled so quickly!

Did ABC's Brian Ross Lie to Hype Foley Story?

From ABC News [emphasis added]:ABC News now has obtained 52 separate instant message exchanges, which former pages say were sent by Foley, using the screen name Maf54, to two different boys under the age of 18.

This message was dated April 2003, at approximately 7 p.m., according to the message time stamp. But blogger William Kerr of Passionate America says that he has identified the former page, that he is 21 now, and that he was 18 at the time the instant messages were exchanged.

Kerr says that he discovered a copy of the instant messages on ABC's website that did not have the former page's screen name redacted. Using the screen name, Kerr and fellow blogger Ms. Underestimated say they were able to identify Foley's correspondent as 21 year old [name removed -- SR], who was apparently 18 at the time of the instant message session with Foley.

You see, the real scandal here is that one of the several pages that Foley wanted to disrobe was 18 during some of the naughty emails, even though he was 17 when the hunt began. And other pages were as young as 16. But this one guy was 18 part of the time! Since ABC News didn't share this utterly irrelevant information with you, they are worse than Foley! Damn you liberal media, damn you to hell!

As sick as Foley's behavior is, the Democrats' posturing is nearly as twisted. It's pretty coincidental timing that they've now pulled this out to make a big political splash before next month's elections. Two newspapers had information on Foley's emails but sat on the story since 2005. And the Dems apparently knew, as well. Dick Morris has already said, "one very prominent member of the Democratic leadership knew about this for months." (video here)

Obstruction of justice, anyone?

Clinton called it "a conservative hit job" when Chris Wallace simply asked him a difficult question. But this, I think, could more correctly be termed a "liberal hit job." A scandal which was sat upon until it was politically expedient to reveal.

Yes, why did the Democrats pull this out now? If we didn't know better, we'd think that ABC News and their Republican sources were the ones who broke the story, but there's no way that's possible -- it must have been Democrats!

And because rabid anti-Clintonite Dick Morris claims that one (1) Democrat knew about this for months, this excuses the numerous Republicans who knew about it for years. After all, it's the Dems job to police the Republicans' internal matters, plus since the Dems control Congress, they should have opened an investigation. That's the way things are, right?

BLOGGERS RULE! Passionate America & Ms. Underestimated Unravel Foley Gate

This whole scandal blew up so fast and furious with so few facts and so much fanfare from the MSM most sensible people smelled a 'Rat.

So what happens if the gross Instant Messages were from/to an 18 year old who is now a 21 year old Democrat/ic working on a Democrat/ic campaign?

Yes, what would happen? That's an interesting question. Pretty nonsensical because the kid was 17 when the IMs started and is a Republican currently working on a Republican campaign, but it's an interesting thing to ponder nonetheless. Sensible people, you see, smell a rat.

[sarcasm mode off]

It's not like I needed any more evidence that the far-right side of the blogosphere is a cesspit of ugliness and stupidity, but this is almost too much. I mean, this guy outs an innocent victim and he and his fanbois are treating it like he did something important, that broadcasting the name of this kid is somehow relevatory and blows things "wide open". Look you cretinous morons, publicizing the kid's name does nothing but open him up to embarrassment and physical threats from idiots like yourselves. How imbecilic do you have to be to think that just knowing his name is somehow indicative of a vast Democratic conspiracy? Never mind the stupidity of believing in the conspiracy in the first place, how brain-dead are you to think that merely outing the kid exposes the conspiracy?

If anything is worse than just how plain dumb these people are, it's their bloated sense of self-importance and insularity. That's the only way people who have the ability to type complete sentences (well, mostly) can end up believing things that are so utterly foolish and completely contrary to reality. Think of yourself as the next Bob Woodward, ignore the "MSM" because they're a big lie factory, and get all your information from your fellow wingnuts. Then you too can be the star of your own delusion.

Update: I just can't resist posting one more, this time from Free Republic:

William Kerr knew he was on to the biggest story of his life. But he didn’t know it was in his own back yard.

Kerr, of Moore, is the author of the blog Passionate America, which is being credited with discovering the identity of the former House page who may have exchanged inappropriate instant messages with former Rep. Mark Foley, and that the former page now works for Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Ernest Istook.

Kerr said he received e-mails and phone calls from national media outlets Wednesday, including the tabloid television program Inside Edition and Internet pundit Matt Drudge.

“I started thinking, ‘I’m not big enough to put this story out,’” Kerr said. “In the four days that we really worked on this, we just said to each other, ‘Do you know how big this is?’”

Dude, if this is the biggest story of your life, then you don't have a life.