Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where where these Teachers when I was in School?

China seems to have a bit of a problem keeping its teachers under control.

Two girls plied with liquor as punishment

A Chinese teacher forced two schoolgirls to drink a bottle of liquor between them as punishment for neglecting their studies, Chinese media reported on Monday.

Doesn't sound like punishment to me. Brear Rabbit comes to mind. But this was only for neglecting their studies. Apparently the teacher found a hair curler and a letter among their belongings, and this was enough to reward them with booze. If you go so far as to contradict the teacher, however, you get a beating:

A schoolboy who spoke out against the punishment was beaten by the same teacher, it said.

Forcing two young girls to down a bottle of hard liquor and beating a kid who objects is one thing, but this last incident is just a little over the top:

In September, a history teacher in central China beat an 11-year-old student senseless and threw her from a fourth-floor classroom window, killing her in a so-far unexplained frenzy.

It brings a whole new meaning to the term "strict disciplinarian". I'll bet though that none of the students ever crossed that teacher again.