Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats Win.

My predictions sucked. In a good way.

The Webb campaign (VA) is claiming victory. That may be premature, but they've got the raw vote totals. McCaskill (MO) has declared victory, and Talent has conceded. Tester in MT is ahead by quite a bit. It's all about Virginia. If that holds out, the Democrats will take the Senate.

And as for the House... not even close. I predicted a Dem pickup of 22 seats. The news networks are predicting 32, give or take. It'll probably be worse by the morning.

Here's one race that matter a lot to me. In my home state of South Carolina, where the Republicans have done quite well as they usually do, the one race that matters to those of us in the evo-cre debate is State Superintendent of Education. Karen Floyd was predicted by some polls to win by 55%+, with her Democratic challenger getting something in the mid-30s. Well, here's the best numbers I can find for now:

Rex: 49.23%

Floyd: 45.77%

Others make up the difference.

What this means apparently is that we go to a run-off because neither one got 50%. More on this soon...