Friday, November 10, 2006

News Flash: South Carolina Frat Boys Are Drunken, Racist Idiots.

I have yet to see the new movie "Borat", but it's on my to-do list. Apparently though, a trio of frat boys who fell victim to Borat's guerrilla humor are now suing the producers of the film because they were allowed to act like drunken, misogynistic, racist morons in front of a camera. Since only people who have been to college would know that frat boys behave this way, the trio are suing for "loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community". Given that it's not possible to lose what you didn't have to begin with, the suit doesn't stand a chance.

Oh, and the frat boys are from South Carolina. It's not as if similar idiots can't be found at most colleges in the US, but from what I understand, it only took 20 seconds of searching the Palmetto State, so the producers were able to save on gas. According to the AP story, the movie only identifies the frat brothers as being from a South Carolina university, but it doesn't say which one. But it's not as if there are a whole lot of choices; SC has plenty of colleges but only a few institutions that qualify for the moniker "university". It's not exactly hard to guess which one. And this article confirmed my suspicions:

The University of South Carolina chapter of Chi Psi has been expectedly tight-lipped about the incident, which doesn't portray the boys in a particularly positive light. Chapter president Todd Bailey told a Web site that he's not eager to see the film: "Personally, I have no desire to see it, but I have to be aware of what's in the movie."

And at at the risk of spoiling the surprise, here's a description of the behavior that the frat kids engaged in:

Borat gets picked up on the side of the road by three members of the Chi Psi fraternity. David, Justin and Anthony fulfill just about every frat-boy stereotype possible, saying they wished they had slaves, explaining that minorities have all the power, disabusing Borat of the notion that Pamela Anderson is a virgin, and devolving into general drunken boorishness.

Come to think of it, that's not spoiling a surprise at all. In fact, I have to wonder why the producers even thought this was worthy of being put in the film. Seeing people act like themselves is kind of mundane.