Monday, November 06, 2006

My Predictions for Election '06

With the election looming tomorrow, I figure I may as well make my predictions.

1. The Dems will pick up 22 seats in the House. That will result in a solid majority, but not a massive wave.

2. The Dems will pick up 5 seats in the Senate. This will leave the Senate 50-50, but still gives the Republicans control because of Cheney's tie-breaking vote. The Dem pick-ups will consist of easy wins in OH, PA, and RI, a slightly less easy win in MT, and a squeaker win in either MO or VA but not both. Tennessee will be won by the Reps with relative ease.

3. The Dems will have a major wave in governor's races. I have no idea what the numbers will be, but they'll do far more damage in state elections than they will in federal elections.

4. The Republicans will blame the media, Democratic dirty tricks, George Soros... everyone and everything but themselves. And they'll also prophecy impending DOOM for our economy, safety, heterosexuality, and the very fabric of society and the universe itself.

We'll see by Wed. morning how close I get.